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Millions Will Never Die

I encountered the name Włodzimierz Bednarski the first time when writing the article Millions Now Living Will Never Die — Did This Prediction Come True?  (Investigator #193)

A search with Google, to compare my conclusions with what others had written, found the book Year 1925 and Millions Now Living Will Never Die (2018). The book provides a thorough investigation of this topic and, I concluded, its research agreed with mine.

The author

The author, Włodzimierz Bednarski, introduced himself by e-mail and stated:

I know English very little. My books are translated by a former Jehovah's Witness. This is Szymon Matusiak, who translated into Polish the Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz.
Apart from the books on 1925 and on blood transfusions, I have published two other books in English. The first book about 1975 and the second about the changes in the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses (written with Matusiak)...
I have also published other books and a lot of articles in Polish. For example, the years 1914-1922 in the expectations of the Watch Tower Society and the "generation of 1914".

I am 62 years old. I have never been a Jehovah's Witness, but I have known them since 1973. I am a Polish historian of Jehovah's Witnesses. Of course I am a critical historian.

I help many Polish people. I have all the English electronic literature of Jehovah's Witnesses and a lot of Polish literature from 1915 to 2021.

More Information

The back cover of Ever-changing teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses gives additional information:

Włodzimierz Bednarski, a Roman Catholic and an expert in the history, doctrines and practices of Jehovah's Witnesses. The results of his research are many works, containing both a critique of their doctrine and showing changeability of their teaching...

He is co-author (with SZ. Matusiak) of fhe book Ever-changing teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses (2016).

Szymon Matusiak, an Evangelical Christian, a former Jehovah's Witness and long-standing congregational elder. He was Raymond Franz's representative in Poland, helped as a second translator and proof-reader in publication of the second Polish edition of the book Crisis of Conscience (2006) authored by Franz (the former long-time member of Jehovah's Witnesses' Governing Body.)  He also translated books of David A. Reed: Jehovah's witnesses  answered verse by verse (2008)  and Answering Jehovah's Witnesses subject by subject (2011). He published his own book on the Watchtower doctrines under the pen name Natan Chesed, Different Jesus, different spirit, different gospel — the key doctrines of Jehovah's Witnesses in the light of the Bible (2009).


The book Ever-changing teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses begins with a quote from an ex-JW couple: "The greatest enemy of the Watch Tower organization is its own literature."  (L. &  J. Chretien)

Page 6 makes the point: "it is practically impossible to list all the doctrinal changes from the earliest years."

[The "practically impossible" nature of listing all changes has been demonstrated in several articles in Investigator Magazine which examined the Watchtower bookThe Finished Mystery (1917). Using a sampling technique it was estimated that 1300 interpretations of Bible verses and words, published in just this one book, The Finished Mystery, have been changed!]

Ever-changing teachings...  therefore does not examine the changes of interpretation to every Bible verse; instead "The most important changes"; nevertheless requires almost 430 pages to do this. It becomes quickly apparent that the JW leaders have not revised only minor points, as they sometimes claim, but altered every major doctrine.

The JW publications, it should be noted, emphasize that JWs are the only true religion. JWs alone correctly understand the Bible and follow it in all details, enabled to do so because God himself interprets the Scriptures and conveys the correct understanding to the leaders. On this basis JWs castigate other religions as "false", their ministers as "hypocrites", and urge people of other churches to leave their false religion and come to "the truth".

Bednarski Books

Włodzimierz Bednarski has made his English-language books about JWs freely available on the Worldwide Web:

(2011) ARMAGEDDON IN 1975 'Probability' or 'Possibility'?


(2018) Year 1925 and Millions Now Living Will Never Die

(2019)  Are Jehovah's Witnesses competent to resolve the issue of blood transfusion?




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