Investigator 125, 2009 March

Levy Patrick MWANAWASA (1948-2008) was the third president of Zambia elected 2001, re-elected in 2006. Before that he was Zambia’s vice-president in 1991-1994.

Mwanawasa attended JW meetings until 2001 but was not a baptized member. His wife, Maureen, was baptized but disfellowshipped in 2001 for involvement in politics. 

An interview with Mwanawasa after his wife’s disfellowshipping was reported on the Internet as follows:
Mr Mwanawasa also said he believed in the participation of everybody in the country’s politics, without undue interference.

Referring to a question on his participation in politics contrary to the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mr Mwanawasa, before revealing the action against his wife, said the Bible recognised respect for civic authority. He said he had often referred to Romans Chapter 13 verses 1-7 which particularly discussed how civic authority shall be respected.

The … presidential hopeful explained that even Jehovah's Witnesses applied for national registration cards (NRCs) and saw no reason why they should not obtain voters' cards.

The couple had four children and Levy had two more from his first marriage. After leaving JWs, Mwanawasa and wife reportedly joined the Baptists.

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