(Investigator 16, 1991 January)

An electrifying announcement rippled through the lunatic fringe of religionists in 1920.


In Adelaide the "lecture" was given at the Thebarton Town Hall on Sunday, January 11.

Just prior to the lecture the Adelaide segment of the cult passed a resolution of "fervent support":

"The annual general convention of the International Bible Students' Association (Australian Branch), attended by interstate delegates, closed after seven days deliberations at Osborne Hall, Gouger Street on Thursday. The following resolution was passed:-
That this gathering of Australian Bible Students, in convention assembled, does hereby place on record its deep appreciation of the self sacrificing zeal of the President and officers of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, in service of the Lord and the truth. And whereas their zeal and faithfulness led them to endure patiently and willingly the suffering of unjust imprisonment, contumely and persecution, so that we might have the truth, we do hereby express to them our love and assure them of our fervent support."
(REGISTER [Adelaide] 1920, Saturday, January 10, p. 10)

That "support" would have had to be "fervent" indeed to last past January 11, let alone past 1925.

The "electrifying" message was that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would rise from the dead in 1925, take over the world, conquer sickness, famine, poverty and death and therefore "Millions Now Living [in 1920] Will Never Die"!

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