(Investigator 175, 2017 July)

I came across your website while doing research on the Jehovah's Witnesses. 

A friend of ours has been studying with the JWs and frequently sends JW articles. Recently he sent an article that quoted Professor George Howard. We have had many discussions over the last 2 years about the "Divine Name" and generally feel like we go in circles. It's incredibly frustrating. When I read your "New World Translation" article I was encouraged by the information.  You quoted two letters written by Professor Howard. The second letter was written in 1990 when I gather he was still with the University of Georgia. I did Google him hoping to find contact information but it appears he has retired.

We have had many discussions with our friend about the numerous changes to the NWT over the years and the numerous predictions that have been made and not come true. Our friend tells us that the Jehovah's Witness leadership, in humility, admit when they are wrong and make corrections.

 It is difficult to challenge an organization's teaching when it can change things as they go. 

My hope is that information in articles like yours will appeal to the intellect of our friend and cast a shadow of doubt about the JW teaching. And, we pray God touches his heart.

 Thank you for your research — I will continue to browse your articles.

Gordon Mross


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