B J Kotwall

(Investigator 82, 2002 January)

Burjin J Kotwall, Investigator's main writer on the Jehovah's Witness sect, reportedly died in mid 2001.

In Recollections of 1975 (#67) Mr Kotwall described the 1975 visit by the JW leadership to Pakistan to defuse anticipation among JWs of Armageddon occurring that year. He started off:

I have never been one of the Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) but people close to me were prior to 1975. Starting 1966 I studied Watchtower Society (WTS) in depth.
Over the years Mr Kotwall regularly corresponded with the Watchtower Society, debated points with its JW supporters, supplied information to anyone requesting it, and wrote articles for Investigator Magazine and for ministries using the Internet.

The last-named activity resulted in Investigator heading for the Internet too after Mr Kotwall sent this letter:

The INVESTIGATOR is launched into Cyberspace today! The magazine article on Flashes [of Light] is on the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW)…

The site, Watchtower Observer, is maintained by Kent Steinhaug out of Norway…

(Published in Investigator #48)

By August, 2000, reprints of Mr Kotwall's articles from Investigator appeared at over twenty Internet addresses. There are now many more – some can be found by using Internet Search Engines.

Mr Kotwall was a bank manager. He was also a self-taught theologian – a skill he demonstrated in an Investigator debate on the Bible story of Jonah.

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