The King of the North

B. J. Kotwall

(Investigator 25, 1992 July)

The Watchtower Society (WTS) has recently again proven to be false.

Daniel chapter 11 (in the Bible) is about "the king of the south" and "the king of the north".

Scholars generally agree that the "king of the south" refers to the Ptolemies of Egypt and the "king of the north" refers to the Seleucids of the Seleucid Empire to the north and east of Judah. Daniel chapter 11 refers to the wars between the Ptolemies and the Seleucids for control of what had been the land of Canaan. (The New Bible Commentary Revised 1970; Dictionary of the Bible 1965 J L McKenzie; The Companion Bible; Matthew Henry Concise Commentary on the Bible)

The WTS in contrast concluded that the "king of the south" is fulfilled in present day Britain and America, and "the king of the north" in the Soviet Union! (Your Will Be Done On Earth 1958, pp 263 & 278)

The WTS in their Your Will book said:

Despite predictions that the Soviet Union will competitively exist until Armageddon, and will fall at that time after aggressions against the rest of the world, the Soviet Union is now defunct and has fragmented into a Commonwealth of Independent States and former Soviet republics.

Additional outrageous nonsense in Your Will includes:

In a previous WTS book called The New World (1942) "The king of the north" was quite different and "included the Central Powers, or imperial Germany, Roman-Catholic Austria-Hungary, Roman Catholic Italy and Vatican…Japan…" (p. 324)

An even earlier WTS book called Thy Kingdom Come (1891) applied the latter part of Daniel chapter 11 to the Napoleonic period in 1799!

In spite of the WTS's repeated prophetic failures they keep promulgating their speculations as if God was responsible for them, thus bringing God in disrepute! Expressions such as "Jehovah provides his loyal servants with advance knowledge about this system's end" (The Watchtower 1984 July 1 pp 8-9) are common in WTS writings.

The WTS rarely admits responsibility for its errors. Chances are they will keep quiet about their current errors and eventually replace the Soviet Union with yet another "king of the north".

The prophets of the WTS have once again proven themselves to be false. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22)

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