(Investigator 109, 2006 July)

Could thousands of doctrinal flip-flops all come from God?

And, with the end of A.D. 1914, what God calls Babylon, and what men call Christendom, will have passed away, as already shown from prophecy. (Thy Kingdom Come 1891, p. 153)
Babylon, the great city of confusion, with all her boasted civil and ecclesiastical power… Her destruction will be fully accomplished by the end of the appointed “Times of the Gentiles” –1915. (The Battle of Armageddon 1897 p.111)

Jehovah’s witnesses themselves are not nor can they be interpreters of prophecies. But as fast as the “superior authorities” Jehovah and Christ reveal the interpretations through their provided channel that fast do God’s people publish them the world over… (The Watchtower 1952 April 15, p. 253)

1914 and 1915 [See 1st and 2nd quote] are two of about thirty dates when prophecies published by the Watchtower Society (the organization that governs Jehovah’s Witnesses) failed.

Babylon as Christendom [1st quote] and the “superior authorities” as “Jehovah and Christ” [3rd quote] are now considered false doctrine by JWs – these being two of thousands of theological changes.

How could millions of people believe that thousands of errors are interpretations [3rd quote] revealed by God?

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