B. J. Kotwall

(Investigator 48, 1996 May)

Reproduced below are five lies which appear in just two sentences in a recent Watchtower (WT) magazine published by the Watchtower Society. (WTS)

On arriving to inspect his slaves in 1918, therefore, whom did the Master, Jesus Christ, find giving to his body of attendants the measure of food supplies at the proper time? Well, by then, who had given sincere truth-seekers the correct understanding of the ransom sacrifice, the divine name, the invisibility of Christ’s presence, and the significance of 1914? (1990 WT March 15, p. 13)

The answer to the question in the second sentence above is:

The "correct understanding", as it is perceived at present, was certainly not given by the WTS in 1918, prior to 1918 and for several years after 1918.

1. Most importantly there were no "slaves" in 1918 in the WTS for Jesus to inspect! Charles Russell, the first president of the WTS, who died in 1916, was the only recognized "slave" or "servant" of Matthew 24:45 until 1927. (Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose 1959 p. 95)

2. The understanding of the "ransom sacrifice" of Jesus in 1918 included that Adam would be resurrected. (Reconciliation 1928 pp. 323-329) Present belief is that there is no provision in God’s ransom for Adam. (Let God be True 1952 p. 119)

In 1918 the belief was that Jesus' ransom sacrifice was on the cross. (Reconciliation 1928 p. 168.) Present belief is that Jesus was crucified on a stake. (1974 Awake! September 22 p. 28)

In 1918 the benefits of the "ransom sacrifice" were available to all without any human intermediaries. (The Finished Mystery 1917 pp. 601; 1 Timothy 2:5, 6)

With the introduction of "two classes" of Christians by the WTS in the mid-30s (1934 WT August 15, p. 249), 99% of Jehovah's Witnesses are presently of the "non-anointed class". They have been told that they have an approach to God and salvation only through the currently "anointed" members of the WTS. (1989 WT August 15 pp. 30, 31)

3. In 1918 the invisible presence of Jesus was believed to have occurred in 1874. (Creation 1927 p. 289) Present belief is that it occurred in 1914. (God's Kingdom of a Thousand Years Has Approached 1973 pp. 209-210)

4. The real significance of 1914, in 1918, was that the year 1914, which was supposed to have been the end of all things, had failed and a new date, 1918, was set for the destruction which of course also failed. (The Finished Mystery, p. 62.)

The present belief is that 1914 is the beginning of the end, which is expected before the turn of this century. (Jehovah's Witnesses: A Statistical Survey 1992, Pussywillow Press, pp. 273, 282)

5. The WTS, and its followers the Jehovah's Witnesses, could hardly be called "sincere truth seekers" in 1918 – or for that matter at any time in their chequered existence.

In 1918 the WTS was selling its most publicized book The Finished Mystery. This book contains some 1500 errors and includes numerous false prophecies. (Jehovah's Witnesses: A Statistical Survey, p. 203-208)

Only one year later, in 1919, the WTS falsely prophesied that 1925 would mark the physical return of the Old Testament prophets to earth. (Investigator No. 45 p. 55; No 44 p. 52.) These rash speculations are certainly no hallmarks of "sincere truth seekers"!

The Finished Mystery (1917) taught:

The Second Coming was in 1874. (pp. 54, 368, 377, 386)

Jesus reign began 1878. (p. 217)

Christendom wouild be destroyed in 1918. (pp. 129, 285, 489, 513, 543)

The nations would be destroyed in 1920. (pp. 258, 542)

God's earthly Kingdom in Palestine would take over in 1925. (p. 128)

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