(Investigator 123, 2008 November)


Many Investigator Magazine articles have demonstrated that the "divine truth" of Jehovah's Witnesses is constantly changing.

Here is a personal experience I had:


A JW lady was conducting a "Bible study" with me using the book You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth.


Confusion arose in Chapter 21 when the lady explained that the people God executed at Sodom and Gomorrah will not be resurrected.

My copy of the book said differently — that they will be resurrected.


The lady was quite flustered as we investigated the problem.

We found that my book was the original 1982 edition and hers the 1989 edition. Her copy had the revised doctrine without stating that a revision had taken place. Three paragraphs on page 179 were revised.


Revision to JW "divine truth" is ominous for JWs in view of Chapter 22 which presents criteria to identify the "True Religion". The criteria include:

    "Another way in which those who are practicing true religion can be identified is by their…respect for God's word." (Page 187)

If the revisions to their so-called "divine truth" are as extensive as Investigator has suggested — amounting to thousands of changes and numerous false prophecies — then few cults disrespect the Bible like JWs.


How can JWs not see that there is duplicity by their governing body?



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