(Investigator 153, 2013 November)

The Russellites — the sect that gave rise to Jehovah’s Witnesses — announced the end of the world for 1914/1915 not only in their printed publications but also at their conventions.

One speaker whose speech is quoted in the Bible Students’ Convention report for 1906 told the audience:

So we start with the death of Jacob, the founder of the Jewish age, and measure to the death of Christ, and find the period to be 1,845 years. Therefore we have simply to add 1,845 to this year 33, and we get the year 1878 as the end of the Gospel age.

Some are apt to say, "Well, surely the Gospel age is not finished yet; 1878 is a long way past." No, dear friends, it is not finished yet, because there is something more. You remember that in the year 33 A.D., about five days before his death, Jesus said, "Behold, your house is left unto you desolate." There the system, the nation of Israel, was cast off, but we know further that the nation was not dead right there and then; the fall began at that time, but the fall was not complete until the year 70 A.D., when Jerusalem was destroyed and the Israelites were scattered over all the earth, and since then they have been a nation no more. There was the end of the 1,845 years, and then the fall occupying 37 years. The harvest ended in October 69, and the next year, 70, the nation was destroyed.

And so we expect then, seeing that this was a typical people, that from the death of Jesus there was a period of 1,845 years, at the end of which Christendom was cast off; and since that time the spring of 1878, there has been a gradual fall of Christendom, and the end of the harvest being October, 1914, and the next year, 1915, seeing the destruction of this "present evil world." And all the signs of the times point to that, as you are well aware. (Page 65)

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