Armageddon is ABOUT TO Take  Place

(Investigator 139, 2011 July)

"About done", "about up" and "about to" are phrases employed in Jehovah's Witness publications to suggest that Armageddon is too near for university studies, career, or even marriage, and it's time for extra zeal and a final door to door effort.

Here is a small sample of "about" phrases:

God is about to fight the Battle of Armageddon. (w1926 6/15 186)

The sudden destruction…is about to overtake them. "The Battle of that great day of God Almighty" will soon occur. (w1930 8/1 235)

The religious systems can furnish neither protection nor salvation to anyone from … the disaster that is about to come upon the world at Armageddon. (w1940 1/1 8)

Armageddon is about to begin and deliverance is very near… The great fight is about to take place... (w1940 9/1 266)

…the truth will enable them to find God's provision for their protection and salvation from the disaster that is now impending upon the world and about to fall. (w1940 2/1 35)

The fight to the finish is about to take place. (w1940 10/1 301)

Armageddon, the final settlement of accounts between God and the Devil, is about to take place. (w1941 2/1 44)

Likewise today, when the "strange work" [the JW preaching] is being completed and the "strange act" [Armageddon] is about to begin…" (w1941 4/1 102)

Armageddon is about to be fought. (w1941 4/15 116)

The "day of [God's] preparation" is about up, the FINAL END of Satan's rule is very nigh, the maneuvering of all enemies into the position for their destruction is about done… (w1942 4/15 119)

We are living at the climax of the ages, when the old world is in the throes of death and a bright new world is poised on the horizon about to replace the old. It is therefore vain and foolish to dash after wealth and power and position or spend time and energy storing up earthly possessions that cannot endure. (w1950 11/1 419)

One of the highlights of the assembly will be the public talk "Man's Rule About to Give Way to God's Rule." Yes, we are living in that thrilling time. (w1968 5/1 280)

Human rulership by imperfect, sinful, dying humans is about to be removed … in mankind's greatest "tribulation" foretold in the prophetic Bible. (w1972 11/1 656)

…this desired new order has been promised by someone fully competent and that it is now about to be realized. (w1979 8/15 23)

Likewise today, apostate Christendom is about to perish in "a great crash" along with the entire world empire of false religion. (w1987 1/1 30)

True … there has been much unhappiness on earth since 1914. But the woeful conditions on earth are proof that Satan's rule is about to end. (w1990 10/15 19)

Jesus Christ, is about to return and execute judgment on this system of things. (w2005 2/1 32)

Such "about" phrases are additional to prophetic dates such as 1925, 1942, 1975, "this generation", and "within our twentieth century".

The "about" phrases are addressed to human readers to persuade them to limit their education, assets and employment, and even avoid marriage, in order to spend more time going door to door.

If Armageddon delays so long that studies, careers and family could have been enjoyed, then the "about" phrases become false predictions and people misled by them will have lived a fantasy and sacrificed in vain.


"Beware that you are not led astray, for many will come in my name
and say ... 'The time is near.' Do not go after them." (
Jesus in Luke 21:8)


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