(Investigator 144, 2012 May)

Greetings from Adelaide,

I see your address is in Port Adelaide. Back in the late 1990s I had some conversations with some one from Port Adelaide that was publicly against JWs.

Well anyway I just stumbled across your web site and read a few of the things and I was quite amused at these comments: "Get the facts on this website. The truth about JWs".

I read a few pages, and a lot of what I read certainly was not the truth but half truths. If I was to find time to reply to some of those things, would you put them on your website?

By the way I am an active JW, but I do have a problem with the authority that the GB wields. As far as the basic teachings of JWs I can not fault.

I would especially like to address the "So Called Prophecies" because I will show NO Prophecies (in the Biblical sense) were uttered.

Brenton Hepburn

Articles received are initially published in the magazine and after that go on the website. You are welcome to contribute. Ed.

Mr Hepburn failed to send  any  information. 

Therefore  an article titled "Jehovah's Prophet"  was published in #149 to show that JWs follow a prophet who "speaks in the divine name"
and prophesies.

"Jehovah's Witnesses" and "Jehovah's Prophet" via the links below:


Dictionary of Jehovah's Witnesses at: