(Investigator 46, 1996 January)


In his book The Archaeology of Bible Lands (1977) M Magnussen wrote:

"…there is a not a single contemporary reference to David or Solomon in the many neighbouring countries which certainly were keeping written records during the tenth century. At a time when the Bible tells us that Solomon created a major Empire in the Middle East, none of his contemporaries, not even the Phoenicians, apparently noticed the fact." (p. 155)

In 1993 a ninth century B.C. inscription on basalt reading in part "House of David" was found in north Israel.

Another debate is the date of the original composition of the Gospel of Matthew. New research could push this back to before 70 A.D. (TIME 1995 Jan. 23)


In the 1970s I got a reduced grade in a university science essay for suggesting that impacts of asteroids affected Earth's geology and evolution. This seemed contrary to "Uniformitarianism".  My reference was Bombarded Earth (1964). In Genesis 1:2 we can translate "spirit of God" as "wind of God". (Compare Gen. 8:1) This figure of speech refers to an exceptionally powerful wind. This granted, the description of Earth in Genesis 1 as empty, water-covered, dark, lifeless and windswept then corresponds with the effects of a major asteroid impact in an ocean. See details in INVESTIGATOR 38.

After 1980 the idea of asteroid impacts became common science. (D Steele 1995 Rogue Asteroids And Doomsday Comets; See also INVESTIGATOR 43 pp. 20-24)


The science of Genetics reveals that many behaviours about which moral judgments are made, have a genetic basis which predisposes persons to those behaviours. For example, alcoholism, aggression, gambling, homosexuality, adultery, etc.

The Bible explains that "sin" began in one man and spread to all (Romans 5:12) and makes many: "do what I do not want." (7:15-20)   It's: "in my flesh."

Death in humans, according to the Bible, also began "through one man". The implication could be there are genes or interactions of genes which cause death and so death could be preventable theoretically.


The Bible teaches that all humans descend from two original humans. (Acts 17:26; Genesis 3:20) The scientific theory of a "Mitochondrial Eve" now has a counterpart with the possibility of an original "Adam". (New Scientist 1995 June 3)

Time (Australia) commented:

"Scientists have dealt a blow to the idea that modern humans arose simultaneously in different parts of the world." (June 5 p. 23)

Scientists also teach that modern humans started off in Africa, but the Bible says Asia. (Genesis 2)  The pendulum could soon swing on this question.


Do you want to be healthy? Yes keep your balanced diet but also do good to others, be altruistic. Readers Digest had an article: The healing power of doing good. (1990 February) This idea is flowing on into psychiatry (Juan, S 1990 Only Human p. 81)  Helping others helps yourself!

The wisdom of the Bible, we're told, promotes "long life" and "healing". (Proverbs 3:16; 4:22)  That wisdom includes altruism – I Thessalonians 5:15, Luke 10:29-37. Another reference is American Health 1988 March.


Over the centuries sexually transmitted diseases were among the greatest killers of humans. The Bible gave warning – see Romans 1:24-32; Proverbs 5:1-14.  Science confirmed the risks.

The 1994 film Philadelphia was sympathetic to homosexuals. Andrew Becker played a sodomite lawyer and got an Oscar from Hollywood. The film had 53 sodomite actors of whom 43 died of AIDS within a year.


The Documentary Hypothesis which seeks to analyse the Pentateuch according to sources, commenced with Jean Astruc (1684-1766). Recent research suggests that numerous scholars were mistaken and:  "The Documentary Hypothesis must be abandoned." (Rethinking Genesis D Garrett 1991 p. 32)

A long article on this topic is in preparation.


The anticipated revision of the Encyclopedia Britannica on the hearing ability of cobras (Psalm 58) remains in abeyance. (INVESTIGATOR 38 pp. 32-33)


The Bible quotes Jesus: "Thy Word is truth."  Accumulating evidence suggests these words might be completely objective!