Anonymous": Contributor of about 150 articles trying to prove that the Bible is accurate. Has university degrees in philosophy and science.

Jerry Bergman: American author and college lecturer with three Ph.Ds. His articles in Investigator are on science and religion.

Sydney Bockner: FRCPsych., DPM. Lately consultant physician in Psychological Medicine at a London teaching hospital. Held posts at Guy's Hospital and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Brian De Kretser: Northern Territory Skeptic. Described himself as "A hard opponent of all religions." (# 57/4)

Dean Dowling:  Retired physics lecturer (Ballarat University). Skeptical material on Christianity, the Bible and doctrine.

Laurie Eddie: An Adelaide psychologist. Writes on psychological aspects of religion and the paranormal.

Harry Edwards:  A former editor of The Skeptic. Author of six books. Supplies skeptical material on all paranormal phenomena.

Josef Holman:  Doctor of Literature; Master of Arts; non-practicing ordained minister; student of alternative medicine.

John Hutchinson: Sheep shearing coach of Victor Harbor, SA. Analyses the Christadelphian sect.

Burjin J Kotwall: Former vice president of a bank. Articles about Jehovah's Witnesses.

Mark Newbrook: Historical linguist, dialectologist and 'skeptical linguist'.

Bob Potter: Former Adelaide resident living in England. Has a doctorate in psychology.  Writes on science and religion.

Kevin Rogers: Baptist elder and member* of Skeptics SA. Master of Engineering Science; Diploma of Operations Research.

Frank Pio Russo: Former "muscleman" (Junior Mr Adelaide). Former researcher with the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science.

B Stett:  B.Sc. (Zoology);  Diploma of Freelance Journalism. Prepares Brief Report material.  Writes on religion and the paranormal.

Lance Storm: Ph.D. in Psychology (Adelaide University) and a professional photographer. Writes on the paranormal.

Kirk Straughen: Queensland skeptic. Skeptical input on Creationism, the Bible and the paranormal.

John H Williams: Teacher with an Honours B.Sc. (geology) and a Diploma in Education. Skeptical input on Creationism and the Bible.

*Membership in the Skeptics is informal. Anyone who attends Skeptics' meetings and reads their magazine could call himself a "member". Rogers  disagreed with most of the Skeptics on the Bible and Christianity and debated with them in public debates and in Investigator Magazine.