From:  S.A. HUMANIST POST  (1997 March)

By Frances Loeber

The Investigator is a bi-monthly, six editions  per year in the odd months. In most editions the magazine is 52 pages and costs only $ 15.00 [Now $20 in Australia, $25 overseas] per year. The March issue includes 7 pages about the Humanist Society so some information about the Investigator seems appropriate.

Discussion, news and debate about religion, the supernatural and the paranormal is what Investigator Magazine is about.

The magazine is open to anyone to try to establish their beliefs. However "open to anyone" includes the Skeptic Associations, therefore writers whose evidence and arguments are unsound rarely last long.

In agreement with this approach the inside front cover says: "Investigator Magazine does not represent any church or sect. Our sympathies lie with empiricism and science."

The current editor, Bernhard Stett, graduated in [zoology and psychology] at the University of Adelaide. He lists his interests as: Going to Kangaroo Island; Photographing people; Writing/publishing; The paranormal; Investigating; Skepticism; Philosophy; Religion; Travel; Chess.

The Investigator and research for it is a non-profit hobby.

The general areas of investigation allow for a broad range of topics from Astral Travel, Astrology, Creationism, ESP, Evolution, Flying Saucers, Ghosts, God, Levitation, Miracles, New Age Therapies, Philosophy, Religion, Skepticism, Spoon Bending, UFOs, Water Diving to Witches and more.

Occasionally readers debate a religious doctrine. In that case they do not have to establish the doctrine to be true in the scientific sense but only true in the sense that their interpretation (e.g. of the Bible) is correct and the opponent wrong.

Readers are invited to submit manuscripts of under 2000 words (preferably under 1000). They should be typed, single spaced, on A4 with the column of print 11 to 14 cm wide and preferably justified. Relevant tracts, leaflets, pamphlets and press clippings are also sometimes reprinted.

Investigator does not have a statement of belief  since that would amount to the editors prejudging the results of future debates and disagreements.

Investigator is not totally negative in the sense of refuting unjustified belief, but also positive in that some unexpected conclusions have been successfully defended. Several believers in the Bible, for example, have stood up to the Skeptics for some years.

Writers in the Investigator include Phillip Adams, Harry Edwards and Barry Williams (Editors of the Skeptic), Peter Woolcock, Michael O'Leary (Astronomer), Carl Wieland (Scientific Creationist). Writers have also included psychologists, authors, editors and scientists.